Lightroom is Still a Second-Class Citizen in Creative Cloud / by Sohail Mamdani

New release of Lightroom hit the web today, and this is what I woke up to:

This is already different from the way Creative Cloud updates other apps. For those, you basically open up the Creative Cloud app and hit "Update."

But whatever. Click on "Download" and you get this in Safari:

Well damn. Maybe they fixed it! 

Erm. No. Not really. Instead of showing an update for LR, it shows Lightroom as an app available to download. 

I already have Lightroom installed, so why it's showing up as an available install is beyond me. 

Hitting the Install did download and install the updated version, but it's still pretty silly that it's not integrated as well as the other apps in the CC are. C'mon Adobe. 

On another note, I am looking into switching to Capture One. If only VSCO would make plugins for it.