Burnout / by Sohail Mamdani

Part of me thinks I should just give up and relink everything John Gruber links to. Screw original. 

This one came to me, just like the last post, from his blog. It's a missive by Maciej Ceglowski, founder of Pinboard.

Avoiding burnout is difficult to write about, because the basic premise is obnoxious. Burnout is a rich man's game. Rice farmers don't get burned out and spend long afternoons thinking about whether to switch to sorghum. Most people don't have the luxury of thinking about their lives in those terms. But at the rarefied socioeconomic heights of computerland, it's true that if you run a popular project by yourself for a long time, there's a high risk that it will wear you out.

Not that I'm scared of this blog becoming popular, but I am leery of just getting burned out on working on it, then giving up.